Rebuilding Your Credit



primary tradeline is an account that shows on your credit report as your account, versus being an authorized user’s account. You need to have a good mix of accounts on your credit report, including primary tradelines AND authorized user tradelines.

Ideally, you want to have at LEAST 3 OPEN, POSITIVE accounts on your credit report, between primary tradelines and seasoned authorized user tradelines.

Primary tradelines go through a rigorous validation process than authorized user tradelines. There are several legitimate companies that exist for the sole purpose of reporting primary tradelines to your credit report.

Below are the legitimate primary tradeline options that will help BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE and build a solid foundation for your credit report.


Try and get at least the TOP 4 LISTED BELOW ASAP:



Online Jewelry Club:

Join their jewelry club, purchase about $100 or so worth of jewelry and they will report a $5,000 primary tradeline on your credit report. Make sure you make the payments because they are reporting that also.

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Credit Card Builder

This is a secured credit card in your name used for the sole purpose of helping you build your credit score. No minimum credit score required. The credit limit is low, but you have to start somewhere in order to establish and build your credit back up.

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Self Lender

This one is way different from the others, but still a great choice especially for account diversification. No minimum credit score required so there is 100% hope for you! This is a CD (certificate of deposit) that reports to ALL THREE CREDIT BUREAUS, and you get the money back after it matures in one year.

There is a small origination fee (around $9 – $12) then small monthly payments after that based on how much you want the CD to report as.

Each payment is reported to the 3 credit bureaus (don’t screw this up!). At the end of the term, you’ve paid off the loan and you can get the money back + interest – hence saving money while boosting your credit.

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Rent Reporters

They are currently reporting to Transunion AND Equifax; they will also report your rent as a tradeline to your credit report. They can backdate your rental history for up to 24 months.

They will verify all information, including ownership of the property to ensure you have a good track record with your landlord first.

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This is a $2,500 secured line credit reported in your name (no credit card is mailed to you).

Typically this reports to Equifax only, this may change over time though.

There is a minimum purchase required in their online store, typically $180.  

It’s about $30 to get started, then finance the rest in monthly payments.

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Hutton Chase

This is a secured credit line in your name for $1,500 that can be used only at their website. Product purchase of $180 is required however only a $30 activation fee is due at time of purchase.

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